Become a Woman Teapreneur

Become a teapreneur

Become a Tea Entrepreneur!

  • Zero Enrolment Fees
  • Start with Just 25 kgs of Tea Leaves
  • Operate from Home or Office
  • Attractive Profit Margins 
  • Harness the Power of Your Network

With a vision to promote the sustainable development of entrepreneurs, Chai Waale has come up with an innovative business opportunity for everyone – with an additional 5% incentive for women. We are committed to strengthening active participation in the economy through initiatives, the creation of enabling networks and communities, and activating partnerships among diverse stakeholders in the startup ecosystem. Join the thriving market for household essentials – Chai! Partner with us to distribute our premium Assam tea leaves, known for their exceptional flavor and color. Share this opportunity with your peers, friends, family, residential contacts, associations, or even for your personal use.

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